About us

Data is everywhere...

… from sensors to patient’s records, social media, scattered Excel tables, big databases and the text you are reading at the moment. Our world becomes more and more quantifiable. It is so cheap to collect and store data as never before, according to a forecast of IDC and Seagate the worldwide amount of data will increase tenfold from 2016 to 2025 to 163 Zettabyte.

… and one can realise amazing and useful things …

One can achieve a lot already with simple instruments like a dashboard - a kind of instrument panel showing current characteristic business numbers. Such a dashboard informs you about the current status of your company, similar as a dashboard in a car. This allows to make better and fact-based decisions and thus a better control of your company. Modern business intelligence (BI) solutions allow to easily generate such dashboards without the help of a laborious IT department. However, one has to ensure that the available data meets certain quality criteria and usually one has to connect different streams or types of data.

Ein Beispiel für ein interaktives Dashboard von Dundas BI

Ein Beispiel für ein interaktives Dashboard von Dundas BI

Anyway, dashboards are useful but not that astonishing, although the “drill-down” function of interactive dashboards can lead to impressive results.

Truly amazing things can be realised with data science methods. While BI solutions depict the actual and past state of a system, data science allows to generate predictions about the future.

Business intelligence used to be something for large companies, but nowadays the better and constantly growing availability of software solutions makes business intelligence also very attractive for small and medium-sized companies. In the same manner data science also becomes accessible for small enterprises. Because of these developments the boundary between BI and data science also becomes more and more blurred. Simple forecasts are now also already possible with business intelligence solutions. However, if one is interested in more specific solutions or if the sources of data are complex, a customised solution is necessary.

… with the right tools and the necessary knowledge.

For that reason ATSEDA was founded in 2018.

This is where we work: At the threshold between business intelligence and data science and we want to make both available for your company.


We favour no software company and have no interest in selling or advocating a specific software solution.


Adjusting and implementing a business intelligence solution requires a customised approach. This allows us to find a solution that matches your requirements and fits into your existing infrastructure.

Fast and iterative

It is possible that during a data science project the focus of the project changes. For example new key aspects can turn up and new aims can get uncovered. Because of that we solve a data science project iteratively with an agile project management and develop the solutions with regular feedback of the client.

Up to date

We stay up to date because we are interested and fascinated how BI and data science advance.

Who we are

The company ATSEDA AB was founded in June 2018 and is registered as stock company in Sweden, that is why we have the AB in our company name (AktieBolag). The main location of the company is Älvdalen in Sweden.

Founder and steering committee of the company are Dr. Thomas Gölles and Dr. Andreas Trügler.

Thomas Gölles at the Tunabreen glacier, Svalbard

Thomas Gölles at the Tunabreen glacier, Svalbard

Andreas Trügler in Tasiilaq, Greenland

Andreas Trügler in Tasiilaq, Greenland

Dr. Thomas Gölles:
He worked as mechanical engineer for four years and studied environmental science with a focus on physics afterwards. After a semester abroad in Longyearbyen, the most northern permanently inhabited village, he further specialised on mathematical models of glaciers. Finally he lived and worked for more than five years in Longyearbyen and also founded his family there, which still connects him to Scandinavia and is also the reason for our headquarters in Sweden.

During his PhD thesis he was concerned with a lot of data, data management and mathematical models. Besides publications in scientific journals there was also an article in Spiegel online.

Since there is a lot of emphasis on titles in Austria his official title might be Mag. rer. nat. Ing. Thomas Gölles Bakk. rer. nat, Ph.D., but he is not so sure about that. How he got all this titles can also be viewed in his linkedin profile.

Dr. Andreas Trügler:
He has a background in carpentry and furniture design and studied theoretical physics. In his dissertation and during research stays in Italy, Spain, France and Canada he specialised in numerical simulations in nanophysics, especially at the interaction of light with nanostructures. Therefore his strengths are analytical problem solving, mathematical modelling, software development and the visualisation and analysis of data. For his dissertation he got the science award of the province of Styria for simulation and modelling. Besides scientific publications he also wrote a textbook which was published by Springer. Further information can also be found in his linkedin profile.