Data analysis and visualisation

Our Approach

We create data analytics and visualisations according to your requirements.

We clean and prepare your data and check for inconsistencies, errors and different formatting. This step is optional and can account for up to 50% of the project scope.

We use Mathematica to analyse and visualise your data. Mathematica understands a myriad of data formats and includes functionality well beyond Data Analysis which we gladly use to your advantage. For example, Mathematica can access the same data as WolframAlpha, which can significantly reduce project time.

Project process

  • Contact us via the contact form or email
  • We will send you a link to a form and a link to upload the data
  • We send a free and non-binding offer
  • The project starts after you confirmed the order
  • Billing: Invoice including VAT
  • After we received the payment we will send the high-resolution graphics and the adjusted data set

Usually we can handle the whole project remote. If necessary, a meeting in Graz is also possible.


Individual Offer

We create an individual offer especially for your project and dataset.

Figures ready for scientific journals

As vector graphics (eps, pdf) and high resolution images (png, jpg).

Captions as part of the code

Therefore, the data can change in the background and the graphics always adapt to the current data. No editing with an external graphics program necessary. (optional)

Descriptive statistics

E.g. Histogram, Box-Whisker-Plot, Quantile-Plot and tables with basic statistics and much more.

Cleaning and checking of your dataset

We clean, revise and check your raw data. (optional)

Your data is safe with us

Your data will not be shared with third parties and is stored encrypted so only you and the editing staff will have access.

Data analysis and visualisation

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