Wolfram Language (Mathematica) vs. Python for data science projects

Introduction There are many blog posts comparing R and Python for data science but there are only a few about Wolfram vs. Python. In this post I will show some differences between Wolfram and Python and presume that you are familiar with Python but not with Wolfram. Python is now the most popular language for data science projects, while the Wolfram Language is rather a niche language in this concern.

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Lecture about Digitalisation in Science and Society

As part of an interdisciplinary lecture series Andreas Trügler held two lectures this semester about digitalisation in science and society at the University of Graz. He discussed the basics of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks as well as important principles of digital data transmission, the internet of things, and big data. Besides a critical discussion of the social credit system in China and addressing the importance of privacy, data protection and digital security, he also presented various scientific examples of digitalisation, e.

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