Smart Data Connector

What is a Smart Data Connector?

The Smart Data Connector is an app that performs complex calculations on data and passes the results to the existing infrastructure. The computations can be arbitrarily complex and go far beyond the capabilities of standard data preparation and ETL tools.

Smart Data Connector

Smart Data Connector

An Example

The objective is to automatically assign a location to landscape photos without GPS data and afterwards display the coordinates on a map. Photos taken by smartphones usually contain GPS data, but what about photos taken by an older camera? It is possible to determine a location only from the pixels of a photo - by using a neural network trained with 100 million GPS tagged photos.

Steps of the Smart Data Connector:

  • The image is loaded and resized.
  • The location is determined only from the pixels with a neural network which has been trained on 100 million photos with stored GPS information.
  • Determine the nearest country.
  • Determine the nearest city.
  • Longitude and latitude formatting for visualisation, in this case with Tableau.
  • Passing the result to the infrastructure.

The Generated Data:

Table with pictures and the results

Table with pictures and the results

Of course, the method has some limitations. Nevertheless, the last picture was placed surprisingly accurate as the image was only taken a few kilometres away form the calculated coordinates. Would you have been better in guessing the locations?

Map Made With Tableau:


This example shows how a smart connector which assigns coordinates to landscape images. However, a smart connector can do much more, and we individually develop such solutions to meet your requirements.

Custom development

From complex data integration, data preparation, to machine learning, image recognition, natural language processing and much more.

Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha & Multiparadigm Data Science

State of the Art algorithms with build in knowledge from Wolfram|Alpha for faster and better results

Integration into your infrastructure

The results are passed on to your infrastructure and can be visualised and processed with your familiar tools such as Excel, Power Bi, Tableau, Data Studio …

Unstructured data

Include unstructured data such as text, audio, emails and continue to analyse the derived data with your familiar tools.

Machine Learning & Data Science

Take advantage of machine learning which goes far beyond the capabilities of any standard business intelligence tools


Automatic data updates on a given schedule or in real time. You don’t have to worry about the currentness of your data, let our software take care of that.

On premise or in the cloud

On your own Server (Windows, Mac und Linux) or in the Cloud.


The data never leaves your network and is processed locally. (For on premise solutions)


Iterative development in order to react quickly to changing requirements.

Smart Data Connector

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