Business Intelligence Consulting

Introduction of Business Intelligence and the way to being a data-driven enterprise is a complex undertaking. To ensure success it is important to include all departments and users and to customise the technical solutions based on business processes.

We accompany you from the justification study through to operation.

A typical project flow for an SME without an existing Business Intelligence infrastructure:

project steps

project steps

We are also happy to advise the best already existing BI solution for you and, for example, help with data integration or the creation of analytics and dashboards.

1. Justification

The aim of the justification phase is to record the operational requirements and to calculate the costs and benefits.

The justification phase includes the following tasks:

  • Presentation on Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Industry 4.0 and self-service BI
  • Capture the essential business processes
  • Capture the data architecture and business processes of the company
  • Data architecture diagram
  • Capture the key business processes of each department that benefits from BI, based on interviews
  • Setting priorities
  • Determine the technical requirements based on the basic requirements, business processes and existing data architecture
  • Calculation of the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Calculation of the return on investment (ROI)
  • Identification of dependencies, assumptions, risks and problems
  • Final report
  • Debriefing

2. Product Selection and “Proof of Concept”

Based on the justification report, 3-5 products will be selected and discussed after consultation with the client. Then we develop a “Proof of Concept” with 1-2 demo versions and test the product and infrastructure during everyday business.

3. Purchase

The customer handles the purchase directly with the BI vendor.

4. Implementation

We help to integrate your data sources (e.g., ERP, CRM, etc.) into the BI infrastructure.

5. Application

We recommend Business Intelligence solutions that allow end users to create their own analytics, dashboards, alerts, etc. Possible software solutions are for example Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Dundas, Google Data Studio and many others.

But we are also happy to take care of everything from data integration and the data warehouse to interactive dashboards.

Self-Service or Full-Service

The users can create dashboards, analyse data, and set alerts themselves, without programming skills and the need for an IT team. Alternatively, we create everything according to your requirements.


We are not linked to any BI vendor and therefore have no bias towards a specific product. We are searching for a BI system that suits your enterprise and your existing infrastructure and preferences.


We analyse your business processes and customise our service to your needs and requirements. It does not matter if a Business Intelligence infrastructure already exists or not.


Business Intelligence is no longer just for big enterprises, thanks to Open Source, self-service BI and Cloud solutions.


We can plan a new infrastructure or integrate BI and analytics into your existing one.

From data integration to interactive reports

We offer data integration and make Reports and Dashboards.

Business Intelligence Consulting

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